If you’re a basketball enthusiast looking for a competitive edge and excitement, you won’t want to miss the Knubian Promotional 3 Point Basketball Contests. This unique opportunity not only tests your shooting skills but also offers a chance to win fantastic prizes, all while traveling on a promotional basketball tour.

What is the Knubian 3-Point Contest?

The “3-point contest,” also commonly referred to as a “three-point contest,” is a thrilling challenge where participants compete to score the most baskets from beyond the three-point arc. This contest is a popular feature in basketball as it showcases sharpshooting abilities and nerves under pressure.

How Does It Work?

Knubian.net hosts these spectacular 3-point contests as part of their promotional basketball tours across various locations. Each event is designed to bring together basketball lovers who not only want to demonstrate their prowess but also enjoy the camaraderie and spirit of the game. When you participate in a Knubian 3-point contest, you’re not just playing for fun; you’re competing for prizes that can include gear, gift cards, and other exclusive basketball-related rewards.

Why Choose Knubian’s 3-Point Contest?

Knubian’s contests stand out because they offer more than just a game; they provide a platform for amateur shooters to shine in a professionally organized setting. Whether you are looking to improve your shooting technique or simply have a great time, these contests are tailored to ensure everyone goes home a winner in their own right.

Get Involved

Participation is easy. Simply visit Knubian.net, where you can find information on upcoming tour dates, locations and how to register. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a newcomer eager to test your skills, the Knubian 3-point contests are a perfect fit.


For those who love the game and thrive in competitive settings, the Knubian Promotional 3-Point Basketball Contests offer an unrivaled opportunity to engage in high-stakes shooting competitions. Check out Knubian.net today and mark your calendar for an event near you. Don’t miss your shot at glory and great prizes—subscribe to the Knubian 3-point contest now!


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